What if you had to pick only one colour to represent a historic era?
"Tints of History" is a time-travel book that lets you see 2,5 million years of history in 25 colors.
Perhaps it’s the influence of my work as a graphic designer, but when I think about a particular time or place in history, there’s always one or two colors that come to mind. This is what I want to share with you in this book: The matching of one color and one particular moment in history. 
Simple as that. I chose a color, using the color picker in Photoshop, from a photograph or illustration of ancient artifacts from different eras. It is, of course, completely subjective and you might think of other colors when you think of those places or times. And if you’re not a history fan, it’s probably the easiest history book to read in, well, history.
The book has 62 pages. Softcover. Designed and printed with love in Brussels.
Special thanks to the ThePickles for the great pictures.

Printer's proofs.
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