BMW 7 Series Insults Guide

Background: Let’s face it, every car driver can get real angry sometimes. 
But people driving a BMW 7 Series, one of the classiest car on the market can’t insult people in a vulgar way when they’re a bit stressed in traffic. 
Idea: Introducing the BMW 7 SERIES INSULTS GUIDE : An elegant pocket book, which allows them to choose a classy literary insult for every bad situation they encounter on the road. 
Example: Someone steals your parking space ‘Thou double villain!’ William Shakespeare - Cymbeline
Hot foil silver stamping, black color with "soft touch" UV protective coating. And a 7 Series literary insult generator to get an elegant version of their usual insults.
Creation, graphic design. Copywriter: Valérie Place.

The BMW 7 Series Insult Guide.
The elegant insult generator.

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